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South Central Kansas Delegation

The Kansas Legislature consists of a 40-member Senate and a House of Representatives of 125 members. The Legislature convenes annually at the Statehouse in Topeka on the second Monday in January and meets for approximately 90 days. The Legislature is responsible for passing and/or amending all state statutes including but not limited to criminal and civil law, taxation, funding for schools, universities, public safety and social service programs, as well as economic development.


District            Senate                                          Email

  16          Sen Ty  Masterson                      ty.masterson@senate.ks.gov
  25          Sen Michael  O'Donnell                michael.odonnell@senate.ks.gov
  26          Sen Dan  Kerschen                     dan.kerschen@senate.ks.gov
  27          Sen Leslie  Donovan                    les.donovan@senate.ks.gov
  28          Sen Mike  Petersen                     mike.petersen@senate.ks.gov
  29          Sen Oletha  Faust-Goudeau         oletha.faust-goudeal@senate.ks.gov
  30          Sen Susan  Wagle                      susan.wagle@senate.ks.gov
  31          Sen Carolyn  McGinn                  carolyn.mcginn@senate.ks.gov
  32          Sen Steve  Abrams                     steve.abrams@senate.ks.gov
  34          Sen Terry  Bruce                         terry.bruce@senate.ks.gov
  35          Sen Richard Wilborn                  richard.wilborn@senate.ks.gov

District              House                                             Email

  72          Rep Marc  Rhoades                     marc.rhoades@senate.ks.gov
  73          Rep Les Mason                            les.mason@house.ks.gov
  74          Rep Don  Schroeder                    don.schroeder@house.ks.gov
  75          Rep Will  Carpenter                     Will.carpenter@house.ks.gov
  77          Rep Kristey Williams                   kristey.williams@house.ks.gov
  79          Rep Ed  Trimmer                         ed.trimmer@house.ks.gov
  80          Rep Kasha  Kelley                       kasha.kelley@house.ks.gov
  81          Rep Blake Carpenter                  blake.carpenter@house.ks.gov
  82          Rep Pete  DeGraaf                       pete.degraaf@house.ks.gov
  83          Rep Henry Helgerson                 henry.helgerson@house.ks.gov
  84          Rep Gail  Finney                          gail.finney@house.ks.gov
  85          Rep Check Weber                        chuck.weber@house.ks.gov
  86          Rep Jim  Ward                             jim.ward@house.ks.gov
  87          Rep Mark  Kahrs                          mark.kahrs@house.ks.gov
  88          Rep Joseph Scapa                     joseph.scapa@house.ks.gov
  89          Rep Roderick  Houston                 roderick.houston@house.ks.gov
  90          Rep Steve  Huebert                      steve.huebert@house.ks.gov
  91          Rep Gene  Suellentrop                 gene.suellentrop@house.ks.gov
  92          Rep John Carmichael                  john.carmichael@house.ks.gov
  93          Rep John Whitmer                       john.whitmer@house.ks.gov
  94          Rep Mario  Goico                        mario.goico@house.ks.gov
  95          Rep Tom  Sawyer                        tom.sawyer@house.ks.gov
  96          Rep Brandon  Whipple                 brandon.whipple@house.ks.gov
  97          Rep Leslie  Osterman                  les.osterman@house.ks.gov
  98          Rep Steven Anthimides               steven.anthimides@house.ks.gov
  99          Rep Dennis  Hedke                     dennis.hedke@house.ks.gov
 100         Rep Dan  Hawkins                      dan.hawkins@house.ks.gov
 101         Rep Joe  Seiwert                         joe.seiwert@house.ks.gov
 102         Rep Jan  Pauls                           jan.pauls@house.ks.gov
 103         Rep Ponka-We  Victors               ponka-we.victors@house.ks.gov
 104         Rep Steven  Becker                    steve.becker@house.ks.gov
 105         Rep Mark  Hutton                        mark.hutton@house.ks.gov

Section Highlights:
  • Check the Friends of McConnell Facebook page to learn more about the important role the Base plays in Wichita's economy.
  • See the 2015 State Legislative Scorecard on the Bill Tracking page.


Barby Jobe
VP - Government Relations