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Your RSVP needed for next sales tax information session

Our thanks to City Manager, Bob Layton, and senior members of his team for spending time with Chamber members on Tuesday afternoon providing background information and answering questions about each of the four components of the proposed sales tax: ...

Is Wichita Satisfied?

Gary Schmitt(reprint of guest editorial published in the Wichita Eagle May 18, 2014 by Gary Schmitt, chairman of the Greater Wichita Economic Development Coalition.) Wichita’s economic recovery has been painfully slow. We’ve worked hard ...

Will Wichita Accelerate Competition for Primary Jobs?

Gary SchmittGary Schmitt, Chairman of the Greater Wichita Economic Development Coalition (GWEDC), will present a Jobs Fund Plan to members of the Wichita City Council during a workshop held later this morning. The workshop takes place following the ...
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