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Strategic Priorities

The Chamber’s 100-year history can be summed up as the activation, incubation and acceleration of transformational community programs and initiatives. These priorities will help establish the foundation for the Chamber’s future legacy:

Execute a multi-faceted plan to address the retention, education and engagement of talent.

Diversity and Inclusion
Champion the competitive advantage of having a diverse and inclusive business climate.

Small Business Membership
Advance the economic growth of small business through additional peer connection and engagement opportunities. 

Quality of Place
Advocate for quality of place strategies supported by the membership at large, including a transformation of the convention center, performing arts center and riverfront.


Intentional Inclusion

“I’m passionate about providing more visibility and resources to the under-represented entrepreneurs in this community. I appreciate the Chamber’s support of the region’s entrepreneurs and its emphasis on intentional inclusion.”
-- Christina Long, CML Collective, LLC

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