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Members Discounts

One benefit of Chamber membership is the ability to offer exclusive discounts to other members. And another benefit is the ability to take advantage of the savings!

The members listed below are offering discounts to their fellow Chamber members. 

  • Financial Wellness Coaching by Yezmin Thomas
  • US Engineering Service - HVAC
  • Interstate Batteries of Central KS

Visit the Member Login page to view discount details or post your own coupon.

  1. Click on the “Member Login” tab located in the top menu of this page.
  2. Input your username and password.
  3. Once logged in, choose “Add a Member-2-Member Discount" from the list of options under "Utilize a Benefit."
  4. Complete the boxes as directed, then click Submit.
  5. Your request will be approved and should be available for viewing by the following business day.
  6. To retrieve your login information, please select "Forgot my password" or contact Monica Poe for assistance.
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