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The Chamber Member Impact

Posted by: admin on Tuesday, February 25, 2014
Finn_web Part four of a four-part series on Young Professionals of Wichita By Suzy Finn Executive Director Suzy Finn (pictured) joined Young Professionals of Wichita (YPW) staff in 2013. As an active member of YPW for several years, Finn served as an Ambassador for the organization and a member of the YPW Board of Directors. She has a bachelor’s degree in public relations from Marquette University and master’s degree in business administration from Wichita State University. Over the past three weeks, I told you about the YPW mission, and how we accomplish each part of it. Now I’ll tell you why we were formed and how you can contribute to the future success of our organization. The Business Case When Visioneering Wichita was formed 10 years ago, the Chamber talked with business and community leaders about the challenges facing the Wichita community. The Visioneering group created a 20-year plan to address those needs, and the next year, YPW was formed. There were two key stats that led to the formation of YPW. The first was that Wichita was losing more young professionals than it was gaining. One of the things that led to that loss was that if employees didn’t establish relationships outside the workplace within the first 3-6 months of moving to the city or entering the workforce, they were much more likely to leave Wichita. The second stat showed that every young professional who was raised and educated in Wichita but left was a lost investment (of public and private money) of $300,000. For every YP who left! The Destination ICT study five years later showed that, on top of that, each YP who leaves (regardless of whether or not they were raised here) causes a $51,000 economic impact loss. That is why it’s key to retain the young talent we already have and work to attract more young professionals to the city. How You Can Help We can only be as good as our volunteers and members inspire us to be. You can help by making sure your YP employees (ages 21-39) know about YPW and are encouraged to attend an event or join the organization. Chamber members’ employees receive a discounted membership rate of $50 per year! Our volunteers do an amazing job of planning creative, quality programs. But  we are always looking for interesting speakers and events, and the more information our volunteers have to work with, the better ideas they pull together. If you have expertise to share, a venue to suggest, or know of a powerful and inspiring speaker, let me know. Though we are affiliated with the Chamber, and many of our investors are also members of the Chamber, your membership dues are not spent on our programming or staff. We are sustained by our corporate investors, sponsors, and individual YP membership dues. If you believe that YPW can contribute to the future success of the city, you can help support our operations through corporate investment or sponsorship. If you’re looking for a better way to reach our YPs, whether it’s to offer them jobs or to sell them a product, our sponsorship opportunities can help you with that, too. Just imagine what our city can look like when we have passionate, young professionals working with established business and community leaders to ensure that Wichita is a destination city. Suzy Finn Executive Director Young Professionals of Wichita Other posts in YPW series: Part 1: "Wichita's Talent Pool - Keeping It Deep" Part 2: "The Diversity Difference" Part 3: "For a Brighter Future"


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