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Wichita Eagle’s Progress Edition Provides Insight into the Community

Posted by: Gary Plummer on Tuesday, March 4, 2014
Progress EditionThe Wichita Eagle’s Progress edition published a few days ago on March 2. This annual update on our community provides information about how Wichita and the surrounding areas are advancing in four key areas: 
  • Where we live
  • Education
  • Health
  • Business
The special edition includes articles about the activities of the Chamber and its affiliates. Be sure to review these three articles that include observations from Chamber employees and volunteers. Each year the Eagle also offers the Chamber and many of its partners the opportunity to submit columns about the progress being made in their areas of focus.  If you haven’t had a chance to review some of these columns, I’d encourage you to do so. In particular, take a few minutes to read the column by the Chamber’s 2014 Chairman, Wayne Chambers. His submission is titled, Time to act is now to ‘change the game’ for Wichita.  Ian Worrell, the 2014 Chair of the Young Professionals of Wichita, submitted a column titled, Really, what doesn’t Wichita have to offer?  You’ll also find informative columns by elected officials, education leaders, healthcare experts, and other community leaders. It’s a great resource for checking the pulse of the community and understanding the priorities of area leadership.


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