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The Importance of Redesign and Rebranding

Posted by: admin on Wednesday, March 19, 2014
A recap from our March Sunrise Scrambler March Scrambler 034_edit Chamber member Bill Gardner shared his branding and design knowledge during the March 19 Sunrise Scrambler that was held at the newly remodeled Holiday Inn East. (Check out the Holiday Inn East Facebook page for renovation photos.) What value does good design bring to your business? Gardner’s business and art background provide him with a unique perspective on the importance of design. He shared two charts that demonstrated how design-driven companies increased their value at a higher rate than other companies. Gardner pointed out that 10% of world trade is in counterfeited products. Counterfeited products don’t hold any value without the logo that distinguishes them. Consumers recognize and place a value on good design and high-impact logos. Why do companies consider identity change? There are five reasons companies review and redesign their identity:
  • New ownership
  • New management
  • New product
  • New ethos
  • Brand relevance
Why are brand updates important to your bottom line? Gardner compared brand relevance to reviewing the clothing in your closet. Many of your wardrobe pieces still fit and may even be very comfortable, but their dated appearance may diminish your relevance when you are making a first impression. There is an expiration date on certain clothing styles and certain design elements of your logo. Coca-Cola reviews their logo every seven years to ensure that it is relevant to the markets they are targeting. If you’re interested in learning more about Gardner’s background, check out his Member Minute on the Chamber’s website. It’s a short interview that includes information about his best-selling books, an online logo and design database he manages, and information about some of the companies that have adopted his designs. Check out his website and Facebook page to see more of his work. Check the logolounge website for more information about Gardner’s line of books. Carrie Rengers used one of Bill’s quotes in her “Have You Heard” column. The Wichita American Marketing Association is a Chamber member and Gardner will be speaking to that group on March 27 at their monthly luncheon. Click here to see photos from this morning's event.


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