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Should Wichita support startup companies?

Posted by: admin on Tuesday, May 27, 2014
By Phyllis Robertson The answer is an absolute and unequivocal yes!  Entrepreneurism is a critical catalyst for the economy.  Studies show that startups account for about 70% of job creation globally, and in some markets, that figure grows as high as 90%.  Startups that use technology more effectively create, on average, twice as many jobs and are more productive and profitable than companies who don’t. Furthermore, the shrinking lifecycle of many products and services due to advancement in technologies, and job displacement from automation mean that the creation of new industry sectors and products is essential.  For example, the printing industry is projected to lose 16% of its jobs by 2018, while motor vehicle parts manufacturing’s projected loss is almost 19%.  Even more extreme is semiconductor manufacturing which forecasts losing 33% of the jobs it had in 2008. If we want Wichita to thrive and grow, then encouraging and supporting entrepreneurs is vital.  Startup Weekend Wichita is a creative way to do just that.  It provides an energizing environment for collaboration, exploration, and ideation.  It centers on technology – an essential sector for our future.  It’s an opportunity for entrepreneurs and other business professionals to work together on new ideas that just might generate a huge win.  At a minimum, it continues the conversations and momentum from last month’s ICT Unconference on strengthening our entrepreneurial ecosystem. There are numerous ways the community can support the incredible entrepreneurial talent we have.  Get started and take advantage of the immediate opportunity to participate in Startup Weekend Wichita! Phyllis Robertson Vice President of Business Services Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce


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