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Updating the Chamber’s Mission and Vision

Posted by: admin on Thursday, July 17, 2014
Wayne Chambers, 2014 Board Chairman Wayne Chambers, 2014 Board Chairman By Wayne Chambers The end of June marked the halfway point in my term as your 2014 Chairman of the Board of Directors.  The last six months have been busy and productive. One of our Board’s latest accomplishments is the adoption of a new Mission Statement and a new Vision Statement to more accurately reflect our organization’s purpose and role in the community.  Our previous Mission was to empower the private sector to increase the wealth and well-being of all south central Kansans. I believe the updated Mission and Vision shown below are much more inclusive and concise than those we’ve used in the past.

  MISSION To drive economic growth and community advancement in the Wichita region.

VISION The Wichita region is a premier place to grow companies, careers and communities.

We’re phasing the new mission and vision statement into our communication tools this summer and expect all updates to be finalized by the end of the calendar year. I’m looking forward to the last two quarters of 2014 being as productive and busy as the first two. Please don’t hesitate to contact me to share your thoughts about all we are doing to advance our community.


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