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Self-Care Stress Management

Posted by: Angie Prather on Thursday, January 15, 2015
Shelley Smith and Don Cantwell from Commercial Mechanical Inc. learned more about the Chamber's January Sunrise Scrambler. Shelley Smith and Don Cantwell from Commercial Mechanical Inc. learned more about coping with stress during the Chamber's January Sunrise Scrambler. How do you avoid burnout at work and in your personal life? Suzie DeVaughn, LMSW, provided members who attended this month’s Sunrise Scrambler with valuable guidance on how to raise your resiliency while reducing your stress level. Suzie has personally experienced the physical, psychological, spiritual and social benefits of self-care. Other benefits include increasing your efficiency, productivity and satisfaction at work and home. Building your own de-stress toolbox will ensure that you’re ready to deal with stressful situations. Meditation, physical exercise, humor, and journaling are just some of the relaxation tools and techniques you can explore to determine what works best for you and your situation. The Self-Care Stress Management presentation was a powerful reminder that we need to extend the same compassion to ourselves that we extend to our friends and family. Committing to taking better care of ourselves in 2015 will ultimately benefit those we care about most since we’ll be strong enough to assist them in their time of need. Check out the complimentary guided meditation downloads at selfcarespecialists.com. The site also includes information about self-assessment tools, inspirational quotes, and other resources. Event photos are posted on the Chamber's Facebook page and you can pick up more tips from members who tweeted during the event. Our thanks to event sponsors: Legacy Bank, Venue 332, Convergys, and Kent Audio Visual. Plan to join us for the next Sunrise Scrambler on Wednesday, February 18 at 7:30 a.m. when Carrie Wiegand, PHR with AGH Employer Solutions will discuss Destroying Employee Engagement Myths: What Really Matters in Engaging Employees?  
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