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Chamber hits the airwaves

Posted by: admin on Thursday, February 26, 2015
By Aless Garvey Wichita Metro Chamber reps or radio stars? How about both? President and CEO Gary Plummer and Manager of Business Services Holly Landon were guests on two different radio shows last Sunday. The Chamber in 2015 Gary Plummer at KNSS Gary Plummer at KNSS Plummer was featured on KNSS Issues with Steve McIntosh talking about the Chamber’s direction for 2015. He answered challenging questions about Wichita’s future: -- How will the new airport terminal building impact Wichita? -- Why is it important to promote the cultural side of Wichita? -- What has the success of Wichita State’s Basketball programs meant to the community? -- How can the Chamber encourage more foreign trade for Wichita companies? When asked about his vision for Wichita in 2015 he said, “We can all agree that we want to see Wichita grow and we want to see job creation occur in this city.” You can hear how he plans to attain that goal by listening to the full interview here. Honors Night Holly Landon, Gayla Crouse and Jackie Comfort on 99.7 LITE FM Holly Landon, Gayla Crouse and Jackie Comfort on 99.7 LITE FM The Oscars have come to Kansas! Or at least the next best thing: Honors Night 2015! The Chamber will be rolling out the red carpet on April 21 to recognize some of our community’s finest, following a tradition started more than 50 years ago. Honors Night celebrates an outstanding individual, three exemplary corporate citizens, exceptional commitment to the community, and a striking architectural achievement. All of the honors have special meaning because each contributes to the greater well-being of our community. 99.7 Lite FM hosted Holly Landon and Honors Night Committee Chair Jackie Comfort on Lite is Local – a half hour community advancement program featuring members of the community detailing their upcoming events. Holly describes Honor’s Night as “a big community celebration.” She notes that one of the highlights of the night are the videos produced for each nominee: “They give audience an inside view of the company that you wouldn’t usually see or read in the papers.” You can learn more about Honors Night and other upcoming Chamber events by listening to the full interview here. Honors Night tickets are now available and can be purchased at wichitachamber.org/HonorsNight.


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