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Are you the Top Dog?

Posted by: Angie Prather on Thursday, June 18, 2015
Photo Jun 17, 7 47 39 AM (1) Speaker Maurice Evans reminded Chamber members that leadership is highly relational. You don’t have to be appointed the top dog in your organization to lead the pack. People will follow you and embrace your ideas if you are adding value to their lives and their work. Real leadership is the result of influence rather than position. Maurice Evans of iGROWyourBiz, Inc. reminded 115 Chamber members at this week's Sunrise Scrambler that influence is an essential leadership skill. Evans says developing and maintaining influence requires a commitment to making good things happen for others. You need to identify and seek moments each day where you can make a difference and perform value-added acts for those around you. Your influence will grow with the value you add. But you’ll also need to embrace accountability and integrity. Real influence is the result of living what you believe. Borrowed beliefs have no power and influence can’t be bought. You can view the slides from Maurice's presentation here. Our thanks to Maurice for sharing his presentation and to this month’s sponsors:  Legacy Bank, Eberly Farm and Davis-Moore. Check Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for photos, video and more information from the program. Register for next month's Sunrise Scrambler on Wednesday, July 15,  when Dr. Atha McNay discusses The Power of Potential & Growth.


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