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Waving Wichita's Flag

Posted by: Angie Prather on Thursday, July 16, 2015
City of Wichita Post pictures of your organization flying Wichita's official flag to @WichitaFlag on Twitter and Instagram. In case you missed it, today’s Wichita Eagle Business Today section has an editorial by Angie Elliott about Wichita’s official city flag. Angie is the Manager of Business Services for the Chamber and has been part of a recent grassroots movement to elevate the flag’s prominence in our city’s landscape. She’s always been one of Wichita’s most vocal advocates and a Wichita flag lapel pin is now an essential part of her wardrobe. She’s found it to be the perfect entrée into daily discussions about what people love about Wichita. Angie has enthusiastically swept the rest of us up into her project to educate Wichitans about the flag. We’re now flying it daily at the Chamber building and we distributed flag lapel pins to all of our Board members at our monthly meeting in June. As we approach Wichita’s birthday on July 21, we hope you’ll join us in posting flag images to the @WichitaFlag Instagram and Twitter accounts. Be sure to use #WichitaFlag and include the reasons you love Wichita. It’s an easy way to demonstrate our pride in the people, organizations, businesses, and places that make Wichita so special.


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