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CEO Roundtable presentation focused on 5 Marketing Truths

Posted by: Angie Prather on Friday, November 13, 2015
Mike Snyder, from RSA Marketing Services, shared his five marketing truths for connecting marketing to sales during the Chamber's Small Business CEO Roundtable at Wichita Country Club, yesterday. Snyder illustrated his marketing truths with examples of local and national companies that have successfully generated new sales by overcoming their marketing challenges. Mike Snyder with RSA Marketing outlines his five best marketing tips. Mike Snyder with RSA Marketing outlined his five best marketing tips. Attendee evaluations of Snyder’s presentation were complimentary, calling it “dynamic, energizing, entertaining and persuasive.” Chris Callen, CEO at Builders Plus Construction, found several valuable takeaways, including one he shared via Twitter, “Any great strategy must contain sacrifices.” Links to two of the must-see videos that Snyder referenced during his presentation are shown below: Competition is for Losers – A Peter Thiel lecture at Stanford University How Great Leaders Inspire Action – A 2009 TED talk by Simon Sinek CEO Roundtables are member-only events that are designed for your organization’s owner, CEO or top decision maker. Forward ideas for relevant topics that should be covered during our 2016 series to Rachel Groene, Manager of Business Services for the Chamber. Our thanks to our presenting sponsor for the November luncheon, VR Business Brokers, and our host and luncheon sponsor, Wichita Country Club. Check out photos from the event on the Chamber's Facebook album page.


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