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Employers should be aware of GOALS

Posted by: Gary Plummer on Friday, July 15, 2016
Gary Plummer is the President & CEO of the Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce Gary Plummer is the President & CEO of the Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce. I had the opportunity recently to meet an individual who is working diligently to break down barriers and change lives. He’s also helping employers find valuable new workers to help them grow their organizations. Dan Sanchez, of the Kansas Department for Children and Families, met with me about “GOALS,” a new 3-year pilot project designed to set Kansans on a path to successful careers that pay living wages, offer advancement opportunities, and restore their sense of value to themselves, their families and communities.  Dan was introduced to me by my friend Ray Frederick, of WIBA. Kansas is one of 10 states to operate GOALS through a grant from the USDA. This pilot project will enroll 4,000 food assistance recipients in 36 counties across the state over three years. Half the participants will receive GOALS services, and the other half regular Employment & Training services (where available) in order to compare outcomes through a comprehensive evaluation process.  Services will be individualized to each participant’s needs, with a Career Navigator providing guidance over a six-month period. In addition to career counseling, GOALS participants receive assistance on job barriers, ie. transportation and childcare. As part of the GOALS program, participants receive training in job-seeking skills including preparing applications and resumes, effective interviewing, life-skill development, and job retention skills. Training may also be tailored to meet labor market demands. GOALS will partner with local organizations and employers to match participants with labor market opportunities and provide ongoing skill development for career advancement. Employers are also eligible for Work Opportunity Tax Credits for hiring graduates from the GOALS program.  The commitment of Dan Sanchez and the entire GOALS team is to recruit and retain the type of skilled, reliable employees businesses need. In addition to finding valuable new talent, business people are invited to support the program by participating in job fairs, mock interviews and even mentorships with GOALS participants. If you are an employer interested in finding out how GOALS can work for you, please contact Dan Sanchez, Employer Liaison, at daniel.sanchez@dcf.ks.gov or by calling 316-337-6421 or 316-285-8395(cell).  You can also find out more at http://goals.ks.gov/bright-spots/
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