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Chief Ramsay’s leadership noticed nationally

Posted by: Gary Plummer on Wednesday, July 20, 2016
Gary Plummer is the President & CEO of the Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce Gary Plummer is the President & CEO of the Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been impacted by the recent coverage around the country about racial justice, violence in our streets and the risks taken each day by our law enforcement community. Certainly, Wichita isn’t immune to those sort of issues. But we credit Wichita Police Chief Gordon Ramsay for his leadership in taking a different approach in our community. Coverage of the community picnic in McAdams Park on July 17 has been trending across America (see the links below). Just a few days after hundreds of citizens took to the streets to protest police shootings around the country, Chief Ramsay invited organizers to come back together for a barbecue and meaningful dialogue aimed at real understanding and healing. It’s worth noting that it also certainly took the willingness of Black Lives Matter organizers  and other community leaders to make this approach successful. The Chamber commends all the partners involved in the July 17 barbecue for demonstrating real leadership and love for our entire community. Chief Ramsay and other leaders will tell you the community barbecue was just the beginning on a long journey toward inclusiveness and understanding. Even the name of the event was First Steps Community Cookout. However, we can’t imagine a better way to start.  Everyone involved has given us another great reason to be proud of Wichita! Video posted on Facebook Wichita Eagle story KWCH story CNN story  NPR story
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