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Member Minute with Kansas Manufacturing Solutions

Posted by: Monica Poe on Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Kansas Manufacturing Solutions is dedicated to working with Kansas manufacturers to solve their challenges. Formerly known as Mid-America Manufacturing Technology Center (MAMTC) the organization has rebranded to ensure better representation of their mission. The non-profit 501(c)(3) organization provides affordable consulting services to small and medium-sized manufacturers in Kansas. They strive to deliver solutions that provide manufacturers with value driven results.



Jaylene M. Shea
Regional Director
KMS Kansas Manufacturing Solutions, formerly MAMTC
LinkedIn | Twitter | Website
Member since December 2015


Tell us about Kansas Manufacturing Solutions.
Kansas Manufacturing Solutions (KMS) is the new name for what was Mid-America Manufacturing Technology Center (MAMTC). The new name provides our clients, prospects, and partners a better representation of our vision and mission, and allows us to be more relevant in the ever-progressing industry of manufacturing. Founded in 1991, KMS grows Kansas manufacturing by delivering solutions to small and medium sized manufacturers in Kansas with value driven results.

Why did you join the Chamber and what do you find most valuable about Chamber membership?
Chambers are the “HUB” of any community. The Wichita Chamber does an excellent job of connecting business professionals in our community so we can network, collaborate, earn business, and help our organizations grow and prosper, which in turn helps the community prosper. Manufacturing isn’t traditionally active in Chamber environments. However, I believe the Wichita Chamber has made many positive strides towards actively helping the manufacturing community.

What is the best thing about working with businesses in the Wichita area?
The entrepreneurial spirit Wichitans have and the relationships that I am fortunate to be a part of.
I believe in the Kansas manufacturer. I am blessed to be able to provide business solutions for shop owners that had the courage to start their own manufacturing businesses, as well as for the larger OEMs they support. It’s a tremendous amount of work to own a manufacturing business. If my team and I can support them in growing and sustaining profitability, then it’s all worth it.

Describe a recent success/win.
On average, my clients receive a 14:1 Return on Investment. So, for every $1 they spend on our services, they should expect to receive on average $14 back in their pocket. I recently worked with a client to expand their market penetration by increasing their website traffic and add-on accessories for their product line. They were easily able to capture this ROI, plus are on track to more than double their annual revenues based upon the work we are performing.

To what do you attribute your success?
It’s really pretty simple. If you genuinely have a passion for what you do and how you can help others, results will follow. My Kansas manufacturing business owners and leaders see that about me and are more open to sharing about their business, so we can have a tremendously positive impact. (It also helps that my dad inspired my strong work ethic through his example.)

What is something people may not know about you or your organization?
We literally are a one stop shop of resources for manufacturers. KMS has core competencies, such as continuous improvement and workforce development. However, KMS has a large network of partners throughout the state. We can be a tremendous resource to manufacturers. Rather than them researching and hunting for answers to questions or finding support for their needs, they can come to us and we can connect them with the appropriate resources.

What has Chamber membership brought to you and your organization?
The Chamber has provided me the ability to network and be connected to the community in which I live, work, and play. There are a lot of great people in this community. I believe that it is important that we work together to make a positive impact on the city and the state.

What about your organization are you most passionate?
I am passionate about solving problems for our Kansas manufacturers that provides them the opportunity to grow and expand their business, providing higher wages for their employees, and economically advancing our towns and communities. If you boil it down - KMS is integral in developing the economy of our communities. And, I love that we serve the Kansas manufacturing community regardless of their size or the challenge they face.

Favorite Ted Talk?
Any Ted Talk by Simon Sinek. My absolute favorite is the “Start with Why” Ted Talk.
I encourage all business owners and manufacturers that are looking to expand their market or are reorganizing their vision and mission to create change in their organization to listen to this Ted Talk. They should always start with WHY.

Other information our members should know?
Manufacturers in Kansas account for 16.00% (or $25.25B) of the total output in the state, employing 11.65% of the workforce. That is about 165,000 manufacturing employees.

Is there anything else you would like to include?
KMS and I realize that in many small to mid-size manufacturers, as well as other businesses, employees often wear many hats. That can make it difficult for a business to grow. Instead of seeing future opportunities, time is spent fighting fires. Don’t be afraid to bring in an advisor to help you. Good advisors will work beside you to assess your business and implement changes that can have you stressing less and growing more.


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