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Host Proposal Form

Note: Applications for speakers and hosts will be periodically pulled as 2020 calendar planning progresses.

The Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce a call for host locations for 2020 programming. We are seeking Chamber members who are interested in showcasing their space to the business community. Opportunities to host upcoming events and programming enable a company to further build their brand image, while interacting with 100-plus business leaders. Applicants may be selected for multiple events including: Sunrise Scramblers, Seminars, Small Business Owner Roundtables, Small Business Awards, Metro Mingles, etc. Attendees will include local business professionals, civic and community leaders. 

The RFP process serves to identify host locations for Chamber events and programming for the 2020 calendar year. You will receive an email confirmation confirming receipt of your proposal, but event locations will be determined by the Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce staff and event planning committees as speakers and presentation topics are fleshed out. 

Host Responsibilities

  • Organization is a member of the Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce, in good standing 
  • Provide tasteful and appropriate space to accommodate business professionals for a sit-down educational program in one continuous area conducive to business networking that is secluded from outside traffic interruptions 
  • Provide food and table service including linens and centerpieces 
  • Provide a designated area where presenters are visible to attendees, and provide for audiovisual requirements {Podium, Microphone, Screen, Projector, Laptop/Clicker, Speakers} 
  • If your company is unable to provide the food, table service or audio visual requirement, your company has the option to solicit other Chamber members to secure these sponsors for the event. 

Host Sponsorship Benefits

  • Opportunity to showcase your facility to business professionals in attendance 
  • Recognition by emcee at each sponsored event 
  • Provide an opportunity for company representative to make an announcement 
  • Company name/logo recognition on event program (if applicable) 
  • Company name recognition on evite and eSynergy Chamber promotions 
  • Recognition in advance publicity including website promotion and Chamber website calendar of events and online registration section 
  • Opportunity to provide door prize (exclusively to sponsors) 
  • Receive complimentary registrations for your key staff to the event (number negotiated with Chamber staff)
Organization Name
Company Address
Address Line 2
Contact Name
Contact Title
Work Phone
Cell Phone
Is your company a Chamber member in good standing?
Company Facebook URL (if applicable)
Company Twitter Handle (if applicable)
Company Instagram Handle (if applicable)
What time(s) of day can your company host an event?
 7:30 - 11 a.m.
 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
 4:30 - 6:30 p.m.
What is the number of attendees your location can hold?
In what configuration(s) would the room be set up? Please check all options that apply to your space.
 Round tables of 8-10
 Crescent rounds of 6-7
 Classroom style
 Conference room
Does your company have the ability to provide linens/skirting for all tables?
Does your company have rounds/square tables to accommodate main seating for a group?
Does your company have centerpieces for each table?
Does your company have the ability to provide tables for registration (two 6-8ft tables outside of room)?
Does your company have the ability to provide a sponsor table (one 6-8ft table inside room)?
Does your company have the ability to provide food/beverage tables (two to three 6-8ft tables placed in the back of the room)?
Comments regarding tables your company has available:
Does your company have a podium?
Does your company have a microphone?
Does your company have a screen?
Does your company have a projector?
Does your company have capabilities to provide background music at the start of the event?
If your company does not have the neccesary AV requirements, is your company willing to seek an audio visual sponsor for this event?
Chamber programs typically involve one of the following menus: breakfast, lunch or appetizers. Is your company able to provide these types of food/beverage service?
If your company is not able to provide the type of food/beverage service required for the event, would your company be willing to seek a food sponsor for this event?
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