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Why Wichita

The artistic elements of the flag represent freedom, happiness, contentment and home.#ILoveWichita and the Wichita flag
A resurgence of Wichita pride has overtaken ICT (Wichita's airport call letters and a term of endearment used by locals), and at the center of the movement is the Wichita flag and #ILoveWichita.

Although the flag was adopted in 1937, it has only recently grown in mainstream popularity. The flag, along with a grassroots #ILoveWichita campaign, has steadily gained momentum over the last few years. There are more than 20,000 posts on Instagram alone using the hashtags, each providing an authentic look into what makes Wichita unique.

Visit ILoveWichita.org for more information, then share your Wichita images on social media using the hashtag.

Wichita Flag Mural Mania

Looking for Wichita flag-themed murals along Douglas Avenue? We've developed a free two-sided map for you. Click here to download a printable PDF.

Wichita Videos

ICT from Kevin Keplar on Vimeo. Video credit: Tallgrass Film Association with visiting director Mark Covino. This video was the product of Project Nano, a 2015 Tallgrass Film Association filmmaking workshop.

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