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About the Chamber

The Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce is the dedicated champion for our more than 1,800 business members and their employees. The Chamber’s volunteer leadership and staff allocate the organization’s resources to advance a competitive business environment that gives members a distinct advantage in achieving business objectives.

Mission & Vision

Mission: "To drive economic growth and community advancement in the Wichita region"

Vision: "The Wichita region is the premier place to grow companies, careers and communities."

However, the Chamber is not the individuals who work in our building. The Chamber is our members. Their combined knowledge and diverse business skills are a wellspring of tried and tested ideas and perspectives just waiting to be tapped. The potential to forge new business relationships and share new insights abound.

Building Connections

"As a new resident of Kansas, the Chamber staff welcomed me with open arms and has helped me build connections that I never thought were possible. I’d recommend the Chamber to anyone who is interested in getting involved with Wichita businesses.” -- Zach Cooper, Distinct Ink



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