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CliffsNotes on Clifton: Part Two

Posted by: Gary Plummer on Wednesday, October 23, 2013
Best Take-Aways from “The Coming Jobs War” – Part Two Every strategy about everything Wichita does has to relate to small-business creation and acceleration. As promised, here are some of the best take-aways from chapters seven through twelve of Clifton’s book, to familiarize you with some of his ideas prior to hearing him speak on November 5, at the Chamber’s Annual Meeting. Chapter Seven – Entrepreneurship vs. Innovation The precious connector between innovator and customer is the almighty entrepreneur:  the person who envisions a value and a customer and then creates a business model and strategy that create sales and profit. Chapter Eight – High-Energy Workplaces Going from 30 million engaged workers to 60 million engaged workers would change the face of America more than any leadership institution, trillions of stimulus dollars, or any law or policy imaginable. Chapter Nine – Customer  Science Talent and relationships can almost always beat low price – they inspire customer engagement. Chapter Ten – K-12 Schools – Where Entrepreneurs are Created Student graduation is one of the most definitive predictors of your city’s future innovation, entrepreneurship, and subsequent job and GDP growth. Chapter Eleven – Fix Healthcare or Destroy Job Creation There is no single act of leadership that has bigger money implications than simply doubling the number of fit Americans. Chapter Twelve – Global Wellbeing America can’t lead the world economy without a disproportionate market share of the most talented people in the world. The next big economic city empires will rise up where the most talented entrepreneurs migrate and stay. Conclusion The next biggest job source is the approximately 5% of existing small companies that shoot up to big success. Cities have to create environments where this is highly encouraged, supported, mentored and celebrated. Every strategy about everything has to relate to small-business creation and acceleration. Gary Plummer President & CEO Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce


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