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Chamber supports the Yes Wichita campaign

Posted by: Gary Plummer on Thursday, September 4, 2014
It’s September 4 today, which means we are only about 60 days away from the opportunity to vote YES for Wichita. As we announced on August 18, the Board of Directors for the Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce voted to support the 1 percent sales tax referendum that was passed by the Wichita City Council on August 5. The referendum aligns with the Chamber’s Mission and Vision and the approval of this referendum is a top priority for the Chamber this year. It is critical to our economic development success. The Chamber Board of Directors and the Chamber’s Leadership Council reached consensus on this issue and are aligned on the importance of supporting the sales tax referendum. We believe that venturing boldly means taking a leadership role and supporting the strategic plan developed by our elected officials and government leaders from citizen input. In short, we believe in investing in ourselves. The Chamber’s role is to be the primary educator on this issue for our more than 1,700 Chamber members. We are actively asking our members to support this initiative by voting YES on November 4, because we believe it provides the innovation and infrastructure needed to move Wichita forward. The Yes Wichita campaign is the primary educator for Wichita voters. The Chamber is not a financial contributor to the campaign, but a number of Chamber members and some staff are lending their expertise and support as campaign volunteers. There are a variety of ways Chamber members can support the campaign and we encourage your involvement. We look forward to answering your questions about this issue on our blog and in other Chamber materials during the next few months. We welcome your questions and look forward to sharing the answers with all Chamber members. Please forward your questions to communications@wichitachamber.org. Yes Wichita 006 Chamber President & CEO Gary Plummer signs a banner at a news conference launching the Yes Wichita campaign.


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