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Four Reasons to Attend Exposure

Posted by: admin on Tuesday, September 20, 2016
2016_exposure_stackedcolor_withsponsorIf you haven’t heard of Exposure, the simplest way to describe it is as 'Wichita’s premiere business-to-business trade show and networking event'. Scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 29, the show will be held from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in Century II Expo Hall. More than 200 businesses from across the Wichita area will be showcasing their products and services. If you are looking for products, vendors and partners, you can find them at Exposure. Admission to the show is complimentary and open to the business community. Find more information about the show WichitaBusinessExposure.com, then register in advance (to expedite the check-in process and secure a printed name tag) here. Two longtime Exposure attendees have shared why they attend each year and why you should too. Carol Skaff, Owner & President at Cohlmia Marketing Carol Skaff, Owner & President at Cohlmia Marketing WHY DO YOU ATTEND EXPOSURE? Carol: Networking. Learning. Generating opportunities...those are three reasons that come to mind. Wichita and South Central Kansas have an active business marketplace, and Exposure is one event where we can sample a broad array of products and services. Brian: We use the Exposure event to identify those organizations that might consider partnering with our firm. HOW MANY EXPOSURE EVENTS HAVE YOU ATTENDED? Carol: At least four. The exhibitors change every year, and Exposure provides so many opportunities to learn and connect, on one day and in one location. Brian: 10 Brian Campbell, CFO at The Specialists Group LLC Brian Campbell, CFO at The Specialists Group LLC WHAT DO YOU ALWAYS BRING TO EXPOSURE? Carol: Business cards are a must. Also, I use my iPhone to take photos along the way and do some visual journaling. We usually do a staff download at our weekly meeting, and if there's something particularly unique and memorable, we'll have photo reference. Brian: Business cards, a good attitude, comfortable shoes and personality. DO YOU HAVE ANY TIPS FOR FIRST-TIME ATTENDEES?  Carol: I would encourage first-time attendees to review the exhibitor list ahead of time and plot your course: people you want to see and products you want to explore. Some booths you will spend more time at because they are a primary need for your business. Brian: I have found success in using the exhibitor list to identify the companies that I have an interest in. It's difficult to visit all 200+ booths without a strategy in place. WHICH BOOTHS ARE NOT-TO-MISS? Carol: Cocoa Dolce and The Farris Wheel, for our event-planning and gift-giving needs. And we always stop by to see our partners in television, radio and print media. It's important to our client interests to keep those relationships strong, and sometimes they roll out new opportunities at Exposure. Brian: The sponsors along the ‘red carpet’ aisle never disappoint. ANY FAVORITE BIZ BITE (FOOD VENDOR) BOOTHS?   Carol: Too numerous to mention. We produce a lot of events for our clients, so visiting the Biz Bites are a must. Brian: We don’t have many catering needs in our company, so we focus on making it to vendors that we would like to do business with.


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