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Small Business Awards

The Chamber made the difficult to decision to cancel our annual Small Business Awards luncheon due to the gathering restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic. The luncheon is where we typically announce and celebrate our Small Business Award winners. Even though the program has been canceled, our sponsors and planning committee wanted to find a way to highlight the compelling success stories of our very deserving nine 2020 finalists.

We’re pleased that our finalists agreed to be interviewed via ZOOM to share their stories with you. During the first week of May we launched the three-part series where they shared some of their successes and discussed how their teams have reacted to the changes they’ve experienced as a result of the current pandemic. One finalist from each tier engaged in each of the three discussions moderated by Suzanne Tobias of the Wichita Eagle.


The annual Small Business Awards program offers well-deserved recognition to small businesses for their achievements and contributions to our community by offering the opportunity to showcase their company, share their story and be rewarded for their efforts. When discussing the adjustment of the program this year, one committee member shared a rather poignant thought: How the program is handled this year, is an opportunity to keep grinding, moving forward and pivoting – similar to what small businesses do every day. The Chamber, the Small Business Awards committee and the sponsors hope that this series has been a positive light in what has been a challenging time.
We appreciate the continued support of our sponsors and Small Business Awards committee as we shifted the program to tell these stories. 

2020 Small Business Awards Finalists

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Aerospace Testing 
Keating & Associates: 
The Converse Team
Commerce Construction 
Services, Inc.
Shannon Stiles Agency National Screening Bureau Decker Electric, Inc.
Next Element Consulting Rhoden Roofing Syndeo Outsourcing

2020 Small Business Awards Applicants

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Aerospace Testing
Armstrong Chamberlin
Strategic Marketing
Commerce Construction
Services, Inc.
Shannon Stiles Agency Keating & Associates:
The Converse Team
Decker Electric, Inc.
Next Element Consulting Logo Depot Syndeo Outsourcing
Smash Dev Shop National Screening Bureau  
  Rhoden Roofing  
  Smith Orthodontics  
  TRUE Physical Therapy  


2020 Presenting Sponsors


This annual program offers well-deserved recognition to small businesses for their achievements and contributions to our community by offering the opportunity to showcase their company, share their story and be rewarded for their efforts.


Business Criteria for Participation 

  • Headquartered in Wichita metro area
  • Employ between 1-5 Full-Time Equivalents for Tier One, 6-20 FTE for Tier Two, or 21-100 FTE for Tier Three. FTE = Full Time Employees + (Part-Time Employees/2)
  • Have been in business for at least three years
  • Demonstrate a commitment to good business practices
  • Maintain good employee relations
  • Contribute to the community
  • Have primary source of revenues from business operations, rather than grants, donors, or governmental funding. Not-for-profits may be eligible to apply if they meet this criteria
  • Be a member in good standing of the Wichita Chamber at the time of application

2019 Award Recipients

Affinity Automotive Repair, Headshots Bar & Grill and McCurdy Auction, LLC were named the 2019 Small Businesses of the Year in Tiers One, Two and Three respectively. 

Small Business Awards FAQs

Isn't my company too small to win?
No company is too small. The 3 Tiers were created to allow judges to better assess smaller and micro business for their uniqueness. Cornerstone Data was named the 2015 Small Business of the Year with only 3 full-time employees, and Xclusive Events was named the 2016 Small Business of the Year with only 2 full-time employees.

If I’m not named a finalist I have wasted my time in applying for the award.
Not true! All applicants for the award receive publicity at the Small Business Showcase and on The Chamber’s website. The showcase provides a wonderful opportunity to network and show off your business. And don't forget how important being nominated can be for your employees. Use the opportunity to highlight their contributions to your success.

How will my small company's community service and employee benefits compete with those of the larger companies?
The judges take the size of the business into consideration when assessing these areas. We have seen many innovative ways of supporting the community or providing employee benefits within a micro business. Think about what makes your business a community asset and a positive environment to work. Community support and employee benefits aren't always measured by dollars.

What happens to the financial information that is requested?
The application requires submission of percent of revenue, profitability, and employee growth for a three year period. All applications remain confidential – only the judges have access to the information. Finalists for the Award will be required to submit an income statement and balance sheet for confidential review by an unbiased accounting firm. The auditor will review the information and provide the Chamber will a "thumbs up or down" on whether that business is financially secure enough to be in consideration of being a finalist. The Chamber and Awards judges will not see this information. After review, the auditor will destroy the information. A business may ask to have the information returned to them.

Can I talk with past winners to get their opinions?
Absolutely. We have a committee of past Award recipients who would be happy to share their experience with you and offer advice. Please contact Angie Elliott at 316-268-1129 for more information.


Awards History | Small Businesses of the Year

Tier One: Affinity Automotive
Tier Two: Headshots Bar & Grill
Tier Three: McCurdy Auction

Tier One: Watermark Books & Cafe
Tier Two: Allmetal Recycling, LLC

Tier One: The Monarch
Tier Two: Mahaney Roofing Company

Tier One: Xclusive Events
Tier Two: ComfortCare Homes, Inc.

Tier One: Cornerstone Design and Development, Inc.
Tier Two: Zernco, Inc.

Tier One: Icon Structures Inc. 
Tier Two: Balco, Inc. 

Tier One: Eric Fisher Academy
Tier Two: Great Plains Communications

Tier One: Profit Builders
Tier Two: Hyspeco

Tier One: Occidental Management
Tier Two: J.R. Custom Metal Products

Tier One: Professional Software, Inc.
Tier Two: PWI, Inc.

Tier One: Eberly Farm
Tier Two: The Print Source, Inc

Tier One: Intake Studios
Tier Two: Ink Commercial Contractors, LLC

Aerospace Systems and Components, Inc

iSi Environmental Services

NCRI - National Catastrophe Restoration Inc


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